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About TPArmy


About TPArmy... My name is Patrick Schwier & I am the CEO of The Schwier Real Estate Group. During the COVID 19 Pandemic we want to help the communities where we work!

1. CLICK HERE FOR DELIVERIES (No Delivery Fee) for  High Risk or other Individuals during the Pandemic If you are having a hard time getting essentials delivered then reach out to us.

2. CLICK HERE TO REPORT hard to find items, via TP Army volunteers, store locations that have hard to find items in stock as well as food inventories.  

3. CLICK HERE to Volunteer for Delivery.

We will be offering Deliveries (No Delivery Charge through May 31, 2020)

Join TPArmy Today!


Patrick Schwier

The Schwier Real Estate Group

CLICK HERE to see how the Pandemic is affecting your City's Property Values.

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